South Irish Sea Offshore Wind Project - Photo Illustrations

Photo Illustrations have been developed to illustrate what a typical 600MW-800MW offshore wind farm may look like off the Wexford and south Wicklow coast. They are illustrative only and are subject to change based on the findings of the environmental and technical surveys as the project develops

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Northern View Central View Southern View

Notes for Viewing the Images

• You will need to be at a specific distance from your computer screen for accurate viewing. That distance is 2 times the height of the browser window when the simulation appears. For example, if the window in which the simulation appears is 25cms tall, view it from 50cms away.

• The simulation will pan from left-to-right-to-left. You can pause the panning by clicking anywhere on the screen.

• For best viewing, enlarge your browser window but do not zoom in on the simulation.

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